Sensor Technology

Kranz Equipment develops and produces fuel cell oxygen sensors in Germany. These sensors for medical use find their application in ventilators, anaesthesia or anaesthetic machines or oxygen analysers and monitors.

Our electro-galvanic fuel cell oxygen sensors detect the oxygen concentration in gas mixtures. This detection is based on a chemical reaction with an electrolyte inside the sensor.The output voltage or current of our sensors is linear to the oxygen concentration and therefore only a one-point calibration of our sensors is needed.

The lifetime of the sensors is limited by the electrolyte in the sensor. As the checmical reaction in the sensor is continous even if not attached to an instrument, the shelf life of oxygen sensors is limited. We advise our customers to plan ahead and place orders just-in-time.

Customers can increase shelf-life by storing the sensors in a cool place, such as a refridgerator. However, it is important to note that cooling the sensors slows doen the chemical reaction and increases the warm-up time of the sensor. We recommend to remove the sensor from the fridge at least 2 hours prior to installation in the instrument.