Medical Oxygen Sensor M-16

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The oxygen sensor M-16 manufactured by Kranz Equipment is a oxygen measurement cell offering an extreme long life-span in a wide temperature range for use in hospitals and other medical environments. This sensor is specifically for GE General Electric Versamed iVent ventilators and Covidien Puritan Bennett 760, 840 and 860 with  3-pin molex connection. The O2 sensor cell offers superior performance with a stable linear output signal and only requires a simple periodic one-point calibration.

All oxygen sensors are designed and manufactured in Germany and have gained an excellent reputation amongst medical specialists and engineers thanks to their reliability and accurate performance.

This sensor has the same housing and connection as the M-04, but with adjusted technical specification for long and stable performance in the respective machines.


Long life oxygen measurent cell with high signal stability at low cross interferences to anesthesia gases combined with superior linearity over the entire range.



Oxygen sensor cells:
Maxtec Max-16
Mercury Medical 10-103-14

Covidien Puritan-Bennett 760 Ventilator
Covidien Puritan-Bennett 840 Ventilator
Covidien Puritan-Bennett 860 Ventilator
GE Versamed iVent 201 and others


Electrical Connector: 3-pin molex
Measurement Range: 0 to 100 Vol.% O2
Expected Operating Life: Less than 6 years at ambiant air
Output Signal: 9.5 to 16 mV at dry ambiant air with a load of 600 Ohm
Response Time: Less than 12 sec at flow of more than 2ltr/min
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Recommended Load: 10 kOhm
Shelf Life: Less than 6 months recommended
Warranty: 16 months
Color: White
Kranz Equipment Oxygen Sensor M-16
Oxygen sensor M-16 for GE Versamed ventilators.

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